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Privacy statement

Privacy statement

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Our office will only collect your personal data for the following purposes:

To carry out assignments for advice or other services;
To comply with legal tasks and obligations; or
For the purposes for which you have specifically given your consent.
Your data will not be processed for other purposes without your consent. Personal data is requested for the drawing up of a notarial deed or for the performance of another assignment.

Rules for personal data in notarial deeds

If our office prepares a notarial deed which contains your personal data, the notary must comply with statutory regulations. These rules affect the processing of personal data:

The civil-law notary is obliged to include certain (personal) data in the deed. Your data are therefore processed on a legal basis.
The notary has to keep the signed deed with your personal data forever.
Once the deed has been signed by the notary, it becomes an official piece of evidence. Nothing more can be changed, even if the personal details are incorrect. If any changes are necessary, the notary must draw up a new deed which includes the changes.
The notary is required to check certain (personal) data in the Basic Registration of Persons (BRP), Trade Register and Land Register.
The notary is obliged to check your identity. The notary is one of the few people who are allowed to copy this document and all the data it contains.
Your personal details fall under the professional secrecy of the notary. Unauthorised persons cannot gain access to the data.
Advice and other services

The following applies to the other processing of personal data by our office:
The processing of personal data has the following purposes and corresponding legal grounds:

Carrying out the client's instructions;
Informing third parties at the request of the client;
confirming the authenticity of a signature at the request of the client;
Collecting data for marketing activities with the client's consent.
Source of personal data processed

If our firm processes personal data of you, which we have not obtained from you, this will always be done in the context of the assignment given to us. The source of these data will then be one of the following:

Public registers, including the Land Registry and the Chamber of Commerce;
Estate agent or other advisor in connection with a purchase agreement in which you are one of the parties;
Power of attorney;
Advisers, who submit an assignment on your behalf.
Passing on your personal data

Our office only passes on your personal data to others (third parties) if this is legally required or if this is really necessary to perform the work.

Our office provides personal data to the following recipients:

Royal Dutch Notarial Association;
Tax authorities;
Registrars, such as the Land Registry, the Chamber of Commerce and the District Court;
Chain partners engaged by the client, such as estate agents, mortgage advisers, tax consultants and other advisers.
Personal data will not be passed on by our office outside the EU or to an international organisation.

Retention of your personal data

Our office will not retain your personal data any longer than necessary for the purpose for which it was collected, for the performance of legal tasks and the fulfilment of legal obligations or the execution of agreements (e.g. limitation periods). Retention periods from legal provisions such as the Notary Act and the Archives Act apply. Notarial deeds are kept forever.

Your rights concerning the personal data processed by us

If your personal data are processed by our firm, you can exercise the rights set out below on the basis of the General Data Protection Regulation.

You can do so by making a request (preferably in writing) using the contact details in this privacy statement. Before we grant your request, we will first identify you by means of a valid identity document.

Right of inspection of the person concerned

You can always ask which personal data our office processes, for which purpose and for how long these are kept. It is possible that there is a legal basis that prevents us from fulfilling your request, we will assess this and inform you.

Right to rectification

If you believe that certain data has not been processed correctly, you have the right to request rectification of this data. If this concerns data in a notarial deed, this is not possible and a new deed will have to be drawn up to supplement the incorrect deed.

Right to data erasure (right to 'forgetfulness')

If you want your personal data to be deleted, you can make a request. If the data is contained in a notarial deed, the notary is not allowed to delete it.

Right to restriction of processing

If you want to limit the processing of personal data by our office (in anticipation of your requested rectification of your personal data, made objection against processing or because you do not want data to be removed despite the processing being unlawful) you can submit a request to that effect.

Right to data portability

If your personal data is not processed for a notarial deed and you wish to transfer the personal data to another service provider, you can submit a request to that end. Such a transfer is not always possible, however, as legal notarial duties may preclude this.

Possible restrictions in exercising your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation

Our firm makes every effort to comply with your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation. However, it may happen that these rights are in conflict with other legal provisions such as the Notary Act. Should the notary be unable to comply with any of the aforementioned request for this reason, you will be informed of this in writing.

Complaints about the processing of your personal data by our office

If you have any complaints about the processing of personal data by our office we would like to hear from you. You also have the right to submit a complaint to the supervisory authority, the Netherlands Personal Data Authority. To do so, please visit the website

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